O'Keeffe purchased this property from the Catholic Church. At that time (early 1940's) it was a pig pen. She very much admired one particular door in the patio which she painted many times. Some of these are:

Black Door with Snow, 1955
White Patio with Red Door, 1960
Patio with Black Door, 1955
In the Patio IV, 1948
Patio with Cloud, 1956

In the early 1980's this property was declared a "National Historic Site" by Congress. These drawings were part of that proposal. Later, O'Keeffe decided that this would disrupt her neighbors too much... so she had it "un-declared."
Site Map
House Floor Plan

This Ansel Adams Photo was taken prior to O'Keeffe's renovation of the house. This may have been the room she left "roofless."
Ansel Adams Photo of Patio

Look through the following images and then drive around the wall and look through the driveway to see the sculpture and a view of the Chama Valley.

Architectural Digest C over
Back Door with Snow
Patio with Black Door
Photos of doors
Photos of the Patio
Patio with Clouds

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