If you are going to "Black Place" (an additional 200 mile round trip from here) go to the Black Place Section of this guide.

Otherwise, return on 84 south toward Abiquiu. You will pass the Abiquiu Dam then, later, you will pass a picnic area on the left. Prepare to stop beside the road in the roadside parking spot at the bend in the Chama River.

Photo of River This is the site of:

View of the River, ca. 1946

Though this is not the exact viewpoint, from here you can also see the sites of:

Blue River, 1935
Red Hills Beyond Abiquiu, 1930
The Mountain, New Mexico, 1931

Photo by Todd Webb

View of the River

Blue River

Road Past the View

(Though the top part of this painting is fairly literal, it is hard to find a vantage point that would yield this whole view. It is almost as though the bottom half is a memory of the road you have just traveled. Also, note the deliberate titles:

View of the River
Road Past the View.)

Red Hills Beyond Abiquiu

The Mountain, New Mexico

Abiquiu Country, NM
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