Ghost Ranch

At about 11.5 miles (mile marker 224?) is the entrance to Ghost Ranch Presbyterian Conference Center. Visitors are welcome. Turn right on the dirt road. (O'Keeffe drew the skull and presented it to the founder of Ghost Ranch who adopted it as their logo.)

Stop at the top of the hill to get an overview. The O'Keeffe house is hidden amoung the red hills at the base of the red and yellow cliffs. You can see the road leading to it. On the east side of the road that you are on is part of the abandoned movie set for City Slickers.

Continue on to the Ghost Ranch Conference Center. Turn left at the fork towards the Visitor's Center. The next left turn (blocked off and marked "Authorized Vehicles Only") is the road to O'Keeffe's house.

Continue on and park at the Visitor's Center which has a bookstore, restrooms, etc. Decide whether you want to hike to the O'Keeffe house (4 to 5 miles round trip of flat walking.)

If you do not hike into Ghost Ranch:
To get a view of O'Keeffe's house, go back out Ghost Ranch road and turn right on 84 north. The house can be seen from all along this road, though it is small in the distance. A good view is seen from the very north end of the parking lot of the Ghost Ranch Living Museum.

All along here you can imagine the view from her house where she painted:

My Front Yard, 1941
Pedernal and Red Hills, 1936

and from behind you:

My Back Yard, ????
Red and Yellow Cliffs, 1940

Also from the parking lot of the Ghost Ranch Living Museum is a fairly good view of:

Ghost Ranch Cliffs, ca. 1948-1949

If you are giong to hike to the house:
Park at the Visitor's Center and walk back from there. Be sure to take water, sunscreen and wear a hat!

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Purple Hills No.2
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Pedernal and Red Hills
Red Hills
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Red and Orange Hills
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